Galvalume® Plus/Galvanized Plus

Wheeling-Nisshin now offers two new products: GALVALUME® PLUS and GALVANIZED PLUS. Both substrates are coated with a thin, clear, chromated acrylic which not only creates a corrosion resistant sheet, but also eliminates any need for oil during rollforming. This acrylic coating also provides resistance to finger printing, hand printing, foot printing and smudging - a plus for installation and job-site cleanup.


1. MANUFACTURE: Wheeling-Nisshin applies this chromated acrylic on bare GALVALUME® and GALVANIZED sheet. This process is accomplished on the CGL in-line using a chemcoater. The chemcoater applies the acrylic using reverse roll-coating method similar to a prepaint line. The acrylic is then dried, eliminating the need for vanishing/standard oiling.

2. ACRYLIC SUPPLIER: Our current suppliers are Henkel, Chemetall Oakite and TecCoat. The amount of chromate in these products is the same as is currently on our chemically treated product (F1), which is applied with a chromate concentration in the 1-2 mg/sq.ft. range.

  • Will not dry out/evaporate like typical vanishing oils.
  • Can be rollformed dry without the need for additional lubricating oil.
  • Increased productivity - can rollform with prepainted sheet on the same rollformer, without requiring extensive cleanup of rollforming dies.
  • Resists finger/hand/ and foot printing during installation.
  • Provides a bright appearance which will weather uniformity.
  • Excellent transit and field storage performance without darkening or staining.

  • GALVALUME® PLUS: Same warranty that currently applies to BARE GALVALUME® (20 year, 6 month).
  • GALVANIZED PLUS: NONE (like bare galvanized sheet).

  • Prepaint : Wheeling-Nisshin does not recommend that this product be prepainted. There are no paint warranties which cover this product.
  • Field painting: With proper treatment, this product can be field painted.

6. CLEANABILITY: This product should not be solvent cleaned.

7. INSTALLATION AT JOB SITE: Same care and compatibility as the chemically treated (bare) product.

  • Acrylic-coated product must never be oiled. Oiling will decrease the coefficient of friction. Some solvents in the vanishing oil may affect the acrylic coating.
  • Only mild, non-abrasive cleaners should be used.
  • Removal of the acrylic using solvents or via damage/abrasion will result in substrate exposure and corrosion.

GALVALUME® is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.